My books are not quite ready to debut, but at the moment, there are four in the works. Not at the same time. That’d be insane–or I would be anyway. But hey, if you can manage four manuscripts simultaneously, and no fires break out, good for you. I cannot do it.

The working title for the series is In Want of a Princess which is ironic since none of the leading ladies are princesses. At the time of first concept, I was thinking it would be, but things have changed since then. All titles are also working titles, subject to change.

Book One: The Rumpled Princess||Status: First Draft in Progress May 8 2017-||Genre: Young Adult Fantasy||Estimated Word Count: 50-75k

The Rumplestiltskin retelling that was supposed to be an unrelated stand-alone, but Tamika just insinuated herself into the world and brought two big changes.

Working Blurb: Tamika is a sixteen-year old seamstress, but she has worked her craft since eight years old. She is up for promotion to head designer, but (everything changed when the fire nation attacked) when soldiers come to the shop to arrest her, her priorities change a bit. At a party attended by the king himself, her father made the drunken, passionate boast about his daughter being able to spin straw into gold.

It was a feat that the king would see by sunrise. Or else Tamika would not see the next sunset.

Furious and terrified, an imp, one of those called Melos, comes to aid her. But the Melos are not permitted within the Capitol State and only live in the Ten Wards. With his strange, impossible magic, Tamika believes that she has found a way out not just for her, but her father and soldier brother as well.

Tamika must choose between two different worlds and do it quickly as days pass in the space of a wish.

…that is such a bad blurb 😛

Book Two: Puppet String Princess||Status: Outlining||Genre: Young Adult Fantasy||Target Word Count: 50-80k

Philomena has been trained in medical practice since she was chosen by Doctor Hannibal from the orphanages as a child. As skilled as she is at eighteen, she knows that she will never study at the Loxin Medical Institute and always be more a simple country doctor. It isn’t that she lacks skill but money and recommendation.

When a strange girl brings a wounded man to her, Philo gets caught up in a conflict surrounding the king and an organization known as the Ten Keys. Sworn to honor her oath to care and protect her patients, she travels with them. At the end of the journey, Philomena is promised more than enough money to fund her schooling at the Institute and more besides, a lack of recommendation made irrelevant. While she has found the key to her ambitions, she has also discovered a place where she is needed.

A place she could belong.

…seems to be a theme with choosing between two worlds going on…

Book Three: The Dragon Princess||Status: Outlining||Genre: Young Adult Fantasy||Target Word Count: 50-80k

Naphtali is a Slip-Knife for the Ten Keys, an assassin. At seventeen years, her youth is unnerving to some, her stability in question. Someone so young shouldn’t be so at ease with death, and there are few who count her trustworthy. When a mission goes wrong, no one is surprised, and she is quickly sentenced only to escape what would be her death sentence.

Alone and hunted, Napthali is approached by rivals to the Ten Keys, but she is wary of allying herself with anyone again. The charismatic leader, Gambos, gives wonderful promises of either reward or ruin. He plays a game of risk and war with full confidence that he’ll be the victor.

But Napthali is playing a long game of her own, and she has always played to win.


…I literally just came up with this one, although I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. Writing out a synopsis is so helpful. It forces the mind to wonder. Gambos has, until this moment, been referred to as Bubba Joe for lack of a name.

Book Four: The Princess Thief||Status: Outlining||Genre: Young Adult Fantasy||Target Word Count: 50-80k

Betton is a simple Cut-Purse thief who steals something of significant importance Princess Nallu quite accidently. As the princess’s personal guard has her and her brothers’s lives in their hands, Betton is eager to return it to her.

The relic is not the mere token that the princess insists it is, and the buyer seems well aware of it.

…The Princess Thief with my girl Betton is actually the first one I came up with and I even outlined it completely, but it wasn’t right. It was the middle of a story with too much in the world just not there. So then the Dragon, then the Puppet, then the girl, just a girl to start it all. All that to get to the Relic. All of that to figure out what the Relic is. Always writing, always learning.

Overall, my books are pretty character driven but filled with plenty of action and a good sprinkling of humor. I’m not sure if it counts as epic or high fantasy or what exact genre it fits.

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