I am a lazy, lazy procrastinator, to my shame and enduring stress. It causes me to wait until the last few hours to complete assignments that I had a literal week to finish and rushing through to finish with the minutes ticking down to close of the assignment.

Because I am an idiot like to live dangerously.

I tell myself it’s impressive that I was able to get it done under such tight time constraints, but really, it’s stupid. I had time, and there was no need to push it to the last moment. It produces sloppy work, creates stress (which might be making my hair fall out!), prevents me from doing things I want to be doing, and it doesn’t set up a good precedent for when I actually have a career.

Just picture it: me searching through five separate reports and typing up a summary for the boss to have on her desk for the meeting tomorrow. The kicker is I had a month to complete it, it’s supposed to be ten pages, and the meeting is at 7 A.M.

Yeah, it’s fiiiiiiiine.

I don’t want to be that person. Last term was difficult mostly because I made it that way. I waited to the last hours to complete assignments, failed to do some because I had issues submitting and ran out of time, made sloppy mistake because I was rushing through. It was a mess and stupid and entirely self-inflicted. And then the problem is that I don’t fail. I still pass with a high grade so it’s like, why not keep doing what you’re doing? It’s fiii-iine.

No. Nah, boo, stop. Redirect your life.

(Also, I talk to myself in the second person a lot so don’t feel like I’m directing this at ‘you’. I mostly mean me. Unless it also applies to you too well then, ahem…)

Stress is not good for you. These days, we like to brag about our stress and our lack of sleep and dependency on coffee to get us by with adorable calligraphy prints and all. But it’s not healthy. Phylicia Delta has a longer post about the subject and how to disciple your sleep that was super convicting which I think everyone needs sometimes. We need someone to tell us about ourselves, tell us when we’re wrong. Usually, we are way too easy on ourselves. And really, she puts me in mind of an elder sister so I’m even more inclined to agree with her and do what she says (and then when I don’t, I find out that she was right. Ugh.)

Sleep actually isn’t optional and cannot be replaced with indecent amounts of caffeine. You can try, but you’ll burn out. Your health will suffer for it and the quality of work suffers also, not to mention your addict-like tendencies show through when you’ve gone too long without your fix and find yourself guzzling it down at six in the afternoon. (Guilty. Literally just did that) And then guess what? You don’t sleep because while you may not be feeling the buzz, there is caffeine running through your veins, affecting your body and not letting you sleep.

Put down the phone, fool. You’re not making any of this DIYs on Pinterest. You don’t need to knit right now. 

Go. To. Sleep.

When I don’t sleep or stay up too late, I feel sluggish and stupid the next day. I have trouble paying attention and remembering things. One time, I almost got in a car wreck, but yay reflexes. You won’t be happy with how you feel, and everything is just annoying. You stay in a bad mood, and nothing can perk you up. Not even that triple espresso.

Stress and lack of sleep are counterproductive to living a productive, happy, and healthy life. If I haven’t done anything this last year, then that’s my fault. I haven’t felt right. Constant sleep and bad sleeping habits can seriously affect your health, right now and long term. And know what? My bad habits are mine. I am my biggest problem, the only thing that can stop me and the main thing messing me up.

Kim Chance has a full-time job and twin daughters. Kristen Martin also has a full-time job and a small menagerie of animals. Both are published authors as well which is #goals. Comparing yourself to others is not good for you, and I don’t advocate the social media envy game. I’m not saying I want to be them, but I admire them and appreciate the example they put forth as ‘adulting adults’. So comparing yourself amongst yourselves and feeling all bad and fully of envy is bad.


I am at the advantage as far as time goes. I have almost nothing going on with my life at this point, no major distractions, no demanding job schedule. I have time and poor management skills. I need to stop wearing that like a badge of honor and actually produce something from it. Looking back over last year, I don’t have anything I’d want to raise up and say, “Hey, look at this thing I did!” Not a single one. Not even this blog as I haven’t put as much effort in it as I said I would.

I can do better than this.

I did a post about my Quarterly Goals but they say—they being the internet and the beings who inhabit it—that the more you write things down and speak about them, they magically come true. Or you remember to do them and think about them and actually do them. There are so many things I want to do, little plan how to execute them but I’m definitely going to fail if I never start them. I’ll fail if I’m too tired and my health is suffering. I have to do these things because it’s not like anyone will do it for me.

I am going to plan and organize myself this year and not stress because I’ll know where I’m going and how I’ll get there. I am going to journal and record my progress so I can see where I’ve been and where I am and where I’m going. I am going to pray and study my Bible like I should and strive to be the person I’m meant to be. I am going to do better, Lord willing, in the coming year.

The plan is to establish a night time routine where I put the phone away by 9:30 at the latest and wind down for bed. Get all the bed things ready, do whatever last minute clean up, maybe read, maybe journal. But no phone, no TV, no computer and go to bed at 10:30. And no coffee after 3:00pm. Tea and water only. 

So what are your plans for next years, y’all? What do you want to happen? What are you going to do to make it happen? Share your plans and goals in the comments below or a post of your own and tag me. And if you liked this post, click that lil’ button down there. Share it with one of this nifty buttons.