Black Friday was weeks ago so I’m late with this book haul. That’s how I run my life apparently. I bought all ten of these books last month and have just started reading them. I’ll have a break from school to get more reading done so I won’t feel guilty about not doing schoolwork.



Right now I’m reading How to Grow a Novel by Sol Stein from that haul. The man was a writer and editor in the business for over 25 years or so I believe. His advice is solid. Some of it is likely something a lot of writers who’ve done their most basic research know from Google. This is where they got that from with this book being written back in 1999. Everything in here is still relevant. I plan to implement a lot of these in my writing.

I have written a lot, several novels worth of words. But I have never used an outline, always making up the story as I go along for the most part. This leads to the story falling apart a third of the way through. My process is unrefined and undisciplined  (like the rest of my life). It’s one of my goals of 2017 to become a more ‘adultier’ adult. Have goals, make plans and steps to achieve them, get stuff done.

I’m not certain which one I’ll read next. Maybe The Brave African Huntress. I’ll post a full review for How to Grow a Novel once I’m done. It’s not a long book, not like an instructional text. Stein has a clear personable voice, and he uses himself and other writers as examples. I’ve been taking notes on this like I have a test so it’s been slow going.

So far I love it. He covers outline, story, characters, dialogue, etc. There’s another book he’s written Stein on Writing that I want, and his novel The Magician. You should be able to find these at the library but I want to own them, especially since I want to use them as reference. It is solid information that I’m sure I’ll refer to constantly throughout my writing career.

Let’s get to the Giveaway bit. All of the books from this haul came from Book Outlet, an online bookstore. Those ten books were purchased for under $50. They are running a giveaway to win a gift card for $100. I have ordered from them twice now and have never had a problem with them. So sign up, share, buy all the books. I mean most of them are under $10 anyway even as low as $2. And next week, they’ll be having a pretty awesome sale so get your wishlist ready.

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What books or gifts are you looking forward to reading during Christmas break? Any fun ones that you’re reading now? Tell me about them down below!

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