The year is almost over.

Another 365 days are heading our way. Another year, another chance to grow and change. So what are you going to do with them? Start in on the resolutions (that you might not even start or drop after a few weeks)?

Me? I don’t do resolutions. I do quarterly goals.

(Youtube actually inspired me to do something. How amazing is that?)

From videos by Kristen Martin, Kim Chance, Vivien Ries, and a whole host of others, I have decided to use my time better to keep myself on track on things I want to accomplish. I have always wanted to do a lot of things, but it seems like I never have time. Which is stupid because I have nothing but. This is because I spend hours watching Netflix and Youtube. Timesuckers, those.

This coming year is the start of something different. (Like, real adult things.)

I have several goals for next year—not resolutions. That word doesn’t really hold too much meaning anymore. Recently I bought a planner, journals to do bullet journaling with, colorful pens, a wall calender (all the things) and have created a few quarterly goals. All of this is an attempt to focus my time and energy and ideas in my head by having a hardcopy to look at and remind me that I do actually have things to get done. Depending on just my memory is a sure way to failure.

It should be simple and straight-forward, but I am terminally lazy, inconsistent, and prone to starting and not finishing things. Like journals, planners, knitting projects, career certifications… This is going to require a lot of discipline on my part and maybe a bit of accountability. I’m throwing my business out on the internet so at the end of March I will post an update. I created a ‘2016 to 2017 Goals’ page in my bullet journal that was loosely inspired by bohoberry, a bullet journal queen, and made it my own a bit. It isn’t pretty at all so I’m not showing any of my pictures but definitely check her out.

  1. Early to bed/early to rise
    • So no more coffee after 5 p.m. I’ll have to get back into drinking tea and pretending that it’s just really flavored coffee.
  2. Daily Devotionals
    • Bible study and coffee.
  3. Drink less coffee
    • I might have a small addiction. It’s fine. I can stop whenever I want.
  4. Learn HTML
  5. Journal daily
    • I never feel like anything happens. At the least, I’ll keep track of things using my BuJo–bullet journal.
  6. Finish schoolwork promptly
    • Read the syllabus (Like. For real.) Write out all the assignments and get started early on projects and coursework.
  7. Make budget and track spending
  8. Complete first draft (PSP)
    • I’m in the process of writing a fantasy novel sparked from another idea sparked from a one sentence prompt on tumblr. One spark to catch a flame, right?
  9. Blog consistently
    • I haven’t firmly established hannahemilylane provided a very helpful blogging spreadsheet–free and available to download.
  10. Comment more
    • I’m thinking that this will be a weekend task, commenting and interacting with other blogs. The blogging community is such a wide place, and I want to meet more people
  11. Learn to use my camera and take stock photos
    • I actually have a pretty decent digital camera. A Samsung something-or-other a few years old.
  12. Read twelve books from my TBR
    • I haven’t done a recent count on my TBR, but there are more than twelve books on my shelves I haven’t read. I need to do better with keeping my Goodreads updated.
  13. Update the blog and its socials
    • I don’t have everything settled on how I want this to look, and right now the other socials are all…not…quite…done.
  14. Finish at least one knitting project per quarter
    • This should be a simple one.
  15. Drink more water
    • Just for general health reasons.
  16. Daily Yoga
    • There are three yoga channels I follow on Youtube that I like to watch/use. I just need to get a consistent schedule.

These are not all of my goals as I have a few Student and Professional goals. All of them are pretty varied. On March 31, 2017 (or there abouts), I will update what I’ve accomplished so far, successes and failures. The year is almost over, but a new one is about to start. Are you ready?

Do you have any quarterly goals for next year or traditional resolutions? What are your plans to make it happen?